Diamond Hoop Earrings / 1-3 CARAT Inside Out Hoop Earrings


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Enhance your style with our elegant 14k Gold Diamond Hoops. These exquisite Inside Out Hoops feature a range of diamond sizes from 1 to 3 carats, radiating a brilliant sparkle. Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, or as a bridal gift, these diamond hoop earrings are a stunning and meaningful accessory for her.

Alternatively, choose from our options of lab-grown diamonds or dazzling moissanites at three different price points to fit your unique preferences and budget.
Please check below to see specifications of each stone option.

All our pieces come with Azalea Certification and Warranty document. Independent appraisals cost an additional $60. All pieces over $2,000 come with free appraisal.

Listing video is 1.5 inch size.
M A T E R I A L & L E N G T H

Available in 14k Yellow Gold, 14k Rose Gold, 14k White Gold

Backing Type:


Outer diameter: 2.25 mm (0.9 Inch)
Inner diameter: 19.5 mm ( 0.75 Inch)
Carat weight: 1 ct tw
Stone 1.7mm
Width: 1.8 mm
Thickness: 2.1 mm
Gold Weight: 5 grams

Outer diameter: 33 mm (1.1 Inch)
Inner diameter: 28.5 mm ( 0.95 Inch)
Carat weight: 1.5 ct tw
Stone size: 1.7 mm
Width: 1.8 mm
Thickness: 2.1 mm
Gold Weight: 6.8 grams

Outer diameter: 37,5 mm (1.5 Inch)
Inner diameter: 33 mm ( 1.33 Inch)
Carat weight: 2 ct tw
Stone size: 1.7mm
Width: 1.8 mm
Thickness: 2.1 mm
Gold Weight: 8.8 grams

Outer diameter: 44.5 mm (1.75 Inch)
Inner diameter: 40 mm ( 1.6 Inch)
Carat weight: 2.4 ct tw
Stone size: 1.7 mm
Width: 1.8 mm
Thickness: 2.1 mm
Gold Weight: 9 grams

Outer diameter: 51 mm (2 Inch)
Inner diameter: 46.5 mm ( 1.6 Inch)
Carat weight: 3 ct tw
Stone size: 1.7 mm
Width: 1.8 mm
Thickness: 2.1 mm
Gold Weight: 11 grams


Natural Diamond
Color: G-H
Quality: SI-VS

Lab Diamond
Color: F-G
Quality: VS1

Color: G
Quality: VS1-VS2

Additional Notes:
• Non-Conflict Diamonds
• Made in the USA

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Other Countries: approx. 1-3 weeks

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